My name is Matt Hutaff. I’m a writer, web developer, and digital marketer. Since 2006, I’ve done a combination of all three for various colleges and universities throughout Southern California.

This website serves primarily as an archive for my feature and editorial work. I chalked up more than 100 articles while in service to The Simon and have proven a reliable contributor to alumni publications wherever I work. Some of my college work – two pieces of which won USC’s Art Buchwald Award for Satire – is also around here somewhere.

I’m also the owner of the world’s largest Sliders website and cofounder of The Ultima 6 Project, a 3D remake of Origin’s Ultima VI.

Understanding the Student Journey: Using Website Data to Understand Your Prospects and ROI

EduWeb PresentationIn 2018, I presented at EduWeb San Diego on how capturing browser behavior can lead to both rich datasets for prospective students and custom web interactions for those prospects. If you’re interested, the slide deck is now available for download.

Horse and Penguin go to the Moon

Horse and Penguin go to the MoonSeveral years ago I wrote and illustrated Horse and Penguin go to the Moon, a book based on the bedtime stories I told my son. Horse and Penguin are based on toys he used to play with, and the adventures the two went on over the years were both fantastical and fun to tell. Each night he’d give me a title to start with, but this particular story was told a lot!

In case you’re interested in reading or sharing with your own children, I’m making it available online as a PDF. Hope you enjoy!