Flying the Friendly Lies

There’s an organization you may heard of called the International Star Registry. The service it provides is simple: For anywhere between $60 and $150, the Illinois-based company will “name” a star after you or whomever you want to present with definitive proof that you are a dupe.

How is this done? Simple! They scam you. The International Star Registry takes your money, presents you with a star chart and a flowery, useless certificate and adds your name to a book that is registered with the United States Copyright office, something anyone — even Paris Hilton — can do. No scientist considers your investment when they scan the night sky; in fact, Robert Naeye, former editor of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s publication Mercury, stated that “the star names sold by the International Star Registry are not recognized by any professional astronomical organization.” (Star names are designated by the International Astronomical Union.)

Rocky Mosele, the squeaky-voiced vice president of marketing and pimp of ISR’s con, even admits it’s all a low-priced fleece job. “I think people are OK that it’s not official. I’m sure of it. I know because customers call again and again and again.”

Mosele’s repeat business maddens but does not surprise; after all, this country is largely populated by the trusting, gullible and ignorant. But it is incredibly frustrating to see something that’s such an obvious deception enthrall millions, particularly when that deception is government-borne. In fact, whenever I hear something dodgy coming out of Washington that increases its approval ratings, my mind shifts to that poor husband, mother or friend who thought they were buying a piece of immortality but instead paid $55 for a fuzzy dot on a piece of paper.

Such is the case with the recent movie-ready “terror plot” diffusion by British and American forces. I’ve written about terrorist activity several times over the years, particularly in regards to the subway bombing that wreaked havoc on London last summer. In each instance I make the same case: Who benefits from such attacks? With the London attack, why would a rogue cell of “freedom fighters” crater public opinion for Palestinians and Iraqis at a time when Europe was becoming largely supportive of their respective causes?

The same holds true today. Why would a(nother) previously unheard-of organization of “Islamic fascists” want to simultaneously blow up multiple flights in mid-air? Especially since Muslims and Arabs the world over are winning the propaganda war in their battles with the United States and Israel?

Nothing is gained for those who would commit these crimes. Only in stopping this “attack” do we see who benefits from another false flag operation:

  • the United States government is seen as a victor in the shadowy War on Terror, giving credence to escalating the fighting in Iraq;
  • the British government (and Tony Blair in particular) emerges vindicated from the ashes of poor politics and poorer public opinion;
  • Israel’s carnage and destruction against the Lebanese and the Palestinians is removed from American headlines (a coup when you consider Israel effectively lost a war against an unrecognized military force despite a massive financial and technological advantage);
  • public candidates voicing dissent over their country’s conflicts are considered soft and weak in the face of an unending wave of “hate,” even though refusing to sponsor an illegal war is hardly support for terrorist activities; and
  • the populations of many countries continue to accept a degradation in their freedoms through ever more intrusive travel safety measures.

With the number of lies the Bush administration has told, it’s easy to make the above assumptions and conclude the raid was little more than a well-timed farce. Consider the outlandishness (to say nothing of the difficulty) of crafting a dozen precision bombs out of liquid explosives while in flight. Or consider the rush to arrest the suspects ended with four being released while news reports were barely able to qualify the nature of the attack or the materials uncovered. Given the dubiousness of the entire plot, suspicions rise even higher.

But it doesn’t matter. Whoever crafted the plan handed Western civilization all the rationale it needs to continue to wage war on civil liberties and the Middle East. The millions of slack-jawed apes living among us rely on media sound bites and refuse to question the facts presented. To them, it seems plausible enough even though those raising doubts are legion. To many American constituents, the War on Terror is now synonymous with American life — and they can live with it.

Objectively, there’s no way the bombing scenario works; crafting the bombs en route is next to impossible and the motive is sketchy at best. It only works as both a decoy from other real news our governments can’t stop from leeching its way into the national zeitgeist and as a means to erode our collective liberties. Did you ever imagine a day that you would have to surrender deodorant, toothpaste and bottled water before boarding a flight? Why do we tolerate this nonsense?

The old axiom says a fool and his money are soon parted. In the United States, fools have long parted ways with their money, freedoms and peace of mind. The trouble is, in doing so they’re dooming the rest of us with their acquiescence. When a tape from Osama bin Laden (who is dead) surfaces as President Bush’s numbers tumble, does that arouse your suspicion? When Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) loses the primary and Republican rival Dick Cheney says it’s because Al Qaeda broke the will of the American people, do you question the bipartisan nature of our federal government? Do your eyebrows raise when Newsweek announces Lieberman is more of a viable candidate than ever thanks to these terror attacks? When something convenient happens is it just coincidence?

Do you think for yourself or sit and look at your map of the heavens and smile at the legacy you’ve left for yourself?

We were given brains for a reason. See beyond the shameful back-patting propaganda spoonfed us and recognize it for the lie that it is. Look back on the past two weeks and note that in the midst of wall-to-wall Jon Benet Ramsey coverage (coverage that, shockingly, was a complete waste of time) President Bush again admitted Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Don’t remember the terror plot “foiled,” remember the invasive and unnecessary theft of your liberty at airports around the globe.

Otherwise we might as well fatten the pockets of Rocky Mosele. His company might sell your e-mail to spammers for a premium, but at least he won’t use his ill-gotten gains to shell innocent women and children.