A Clear Path to Victory

George W. Bush loves it when you agree with Rickey LeBlanc.

LeBlanc, a 28-year-old truck driver, feels the United States’ conquest of Iraq shouldn’t end just because a bunch of Iraqis are killing American soldiers and demanding an end to the occupation. “You can’t go over there and say ˜Saddam’s gone. Here’s your country. Have a nice day,'” he said in a recent interview. “You don’t have people there who know how to run a government.”

Finally! Ignorance so thick you can beat your head against it in frustration.

It’s unbelievable that Bush’s simplistic “stay the course” message is still accepted by American citizens. Yet there it is. We live in a United States ruled by fear, paranoia, and religious intolerance. Stupidity is rewarded, knowledge is punished. Sentiments like LeBlanc’s reach far and wide — people really do think Iraqis are incapable of self-governance.

Bush is banking on that arrogance as he addresses the nation tonight. Rather than admit wrong or express contrition over values lost and lives wasted, the president will say there is a “clear path to victory” despite all evidence to the contrary — and only American resolve can bring that to fruition. According to White House spokesman Scott McClellan, said resolve means no change whatsoever in current military operations. “The terrorists have inflicted great suffering,” Mr. McClellan said in a press conference Monday. “There have been tremendous sacrifices. But the cause for which we are in Iraq is an important one, and there is great progress being made on the ground.” He has also confided that Bush will ignore concern for the welfare of American soldiers abroad because we have to finish what we started.

How is this any different from Bush’s prior speeches? The man has shown himself incapable of admitting error, that every action he’s ever pursued has been right and true. It’s a detachment from reality that staggers the mind. Since McClellan has already stated Bush will promote the same tired line — things are going well, we’re bringing democracy, freedom is doubleplusgood, etc. — is there even a need to watch Bush as he bulldozes through prime time this evening? Nope!

Therefore I have a few suggestions for the time you’d otherwise waste sitting and listening to a retarded chimp babble endlessly about his delusions and how happy they make the toilet gnomes in the Lincoln bedroom. Just because vote fraud installed this imbecile as our leader doesn’t mean we need to spoil an evening hearing about it. Hell, even the networks agree with me on this one.

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Better Things to Do With Your Time

  1. Quit caring about the flag. Last week the House of Representatives got bored with shutting Jim Conyers out of the facilities and decided to draft up another Flag Burning Amendment. Who cares? Let the flag burn. It’s not a matter of freedom of expression or speech; it’s a matter of common sense. Instilling a symbol like a flag with rights is absurd. Drafting legislation over and over again to keep people from desecrating something innocuous is a waste of time. Note to protestors: even if it does become a constitutional amendment (along with gay-marriage bans and abortion restrictions), so what? The only flag Americans should care about is the original Gadsden flag, not our current tribute to imperialism.
  2. Protest eminent domain laws. Apparently the Supreme Court no longer feels it’s fair for people to own property. Do you like the idea of your home being plucked away from you at “fair market value” because a wealthy land developer wants to build high-density housing, or a lucrative commercial center? Probably not — but that’s what can happen now if it’s seen to be in the “public interest.” Who defines what interests best serve the public? More important, why are people complacent enough to accept eminent domain laws in the first place? The Declaration of Independence was originally written to say “life, liberty, and the pursuit of property.” Waiving away fundamental rights with a shrug may be old hat for the Constitution, but dismantling the very document that spelled the birth of our nation is even more troubling.
  3. Educate yourself on the Bush Administration’s lies. Did you know that the federal government has admitted to torturing people at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib? Or that the British government does not question the authenticity of the Downing Street Minutes? Or that, contrary to what is reported, upwards of 10,000 American soldiers have been killed since operations commenced in 2002? Did you know that operations even commenced in 2002? The lies are staggering — and the list continues to grow. Read up on them; educate yourselves and your friends. Contrary to what polls would lead you to believe, the president’s approval rating in extremely low, and anger at being led into war over lies is rising. Spending time on issues of actual importance makes you a more aware, active citizen.
  4. Renew your passport and move. The United States is heading into the toilet. If the president is going to go on camera, ignore all the evidence and fly in the face of reason, it doesn’t take crumbling infrastructure, lower education, rising taxes and free trade agreements to prove Pax Americana is long over. Cut your losses, sell your house before the bubble bursts and get to a place where you don’t work 60 hours a week just to provide for your family. We don’t have to live like this.
  5. Revolt. It’s happened before, it can happen again. Don’t wait for a Hollywood hero to save you.

Better yet, spend some time with friends and loved ones. Just stay away from the television. Reality TV like Bush’s speech will only give you a headache.