American Journalism Goes Up in a Mushroom Cloud

The American press is a funny creature.

Like a junkyard dog, it gives the veneer to the casual observer of a righteous predator, attacking without discrimination whatever tries to get in its way. A snarling and slobbering mess, it sits there hoping you won’t approach and examine it and thus learn it is as helpless and neutered as a baby pup.

It’s sad, because with newspaper and magazine readership in decline and major news networks fighting over the one brainless yokel who enjoys hearing Bush opine “too many OB/GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across the country, media outlets should reach for whatever audience they can, even if it clashes with the corporate mission statement. The primary goal should be drawing back demographics alienated by the perpetual dumbing-down of news. Instead, the press continues to sit and guard the wasteland of “infotainment it likes to promote instead of things that actually pertain to the average American.

The result? Millions of people feeling up to date on what’s happening in the world because they know just how fake or real Bush’s service record appears to be (and he was AWOL). Vast tracts of political campaigning focused on John Kerry’s war baubles. Instead of blowing open the lid on the massive spy scandal that links the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Israel to the Office of Special Planning, we hear about Chechen “rebels holding kids hostage.

None of the “front stories are remotely relevant to life in the United States. That Bush lied 30 years ago is about as shocking as the sun rising in the east, and Kerry’s record as a swift boat captain doesn’t overshadow the casualty list from the Middle East. Valuable media coverage is wasted on these distractions instead of educating the populace on real issues.

That’s what a government wants in a populace. Let the citizens know how their country’s name is being squandered and they might revolt. The only cure for that is a steady diet of misinformation.

Sometimes the propaganda, however, is so blatant and hypocritical even a drunken hillbilly can recognize it for what it is.

Case in point: five days ago news sources around the world reported a mushroom cloud 2½ miles in diameter over the Ryanggang province of North Korea. It seemed entirely possible that North Korea had become Shiva, a destroyer of worlds.

That’s huge! It’s not every day that a country, let alone one from the purported “Axis of Evil, acquires the ability to make a nuclear bomb. Considering we’ve already dismantled Iraq because it might have chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, wouldn’t this rate a little higher on the News Meter? The government and media have been working overtime to feed Americans baseless terror alerts and vague warnings of doom for quite a while now.

Consider the following information:

  • Bush Administration intelligence indicates North Korea is ready to conduct nuclear tests at any time;
  • A mushroom cloud 2½ miles in diameter was picked up by South Korean satellite;
  • The epicenter was near the Yongjori Missile Base, an isolated facility capable of deploying and launching medium-range missiles;
  • North Korea celebrated its 56th anniversary last week, the perfect opportunity to showcase its emergence as superpower; and
  • North Korea has a prior history of ignoring international nuclear regulatory initiatives.

Did you hear a blip about this in the American press? Please — there are hurricanes blowing in over Florida! How often does that happen?

It’s ironic that after all the mumbo-jumbo predictions of catastrophe floating around since 9/11, the government ignored hard evidence an enemy state possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Completely and utterly ignored.

Granted, yesterday North Korean officials tied the explosion to a controlled demolition of a hydroelectric project. So what? The press has never been gun-shy about running with unfounded accusations (Iraq having WMDs being one of those pesky ongoing snafus), and this is one that has plausible deniability written all over it. The four day cone of silence from the North Korean government only heightened the mystery and intrigue that newscasts love to lead with.

That the United States casually brushed aside early reports of the nuclear test only underscores how much of a ruse the “war on terror really is. (Well, that, and Bush admitting the war on terror can’t be won. Boffo.)

After all, if American intelligence points to North Korea’s legitimacy as a nuclear power, why all the condemnation of Iran’s program, which is further behind in development and is committed to building civilian power plants, not weapons? Iran is hounded daily in the press as a threat to world peace. Congressmen and senators seek to impose sanctions against the need to provide power to the people of Iran. All of this without any verifiable weapons program in operation. On the other hand, North Korea has threatened to nuke the U.S. if it’s attacked. And for four days in September, that threat was very real.

Iran is being hounded because it is not a threat. You don’t attack if you have something to fear, and the U.S. rightly fears nuclear conflict of any kind. In comparison Iran is harmless; it’s just the next target set in the United States’ sights and it doesn’t matter if pursuing them instead of North Korea makes us look like raging hypocrites.

The majority of the bogus information justifying Iraq’s invasion came from the Office of Special Planning. The OSP is also the biggest proponent of taking out the Iran’s nuclear program. Most important, the OSP is where that Israeli spy ring was just unearthed, if you recall.

Hey, doesn’t Israel have a nuclear weapons facility at Dimona along with hundreds of nuclear weapons? And aren’t Iraq and Iran two of its biggest potential enemies?

Nah. If so, the press would have been all over that story.