Bush Sells Out the American Dream for Votes

It looks like California’s love affair with illegal immigrants is spreading.

I have railed against California’s ridiculous proposals granting free college tuition and drivers’ licenses to people living in the United States illegally. No, they are not “undocumented workers.” They are illegal, and they need to be deported.

However, last week, President George W. Bush called for legislation that would change the work status of millions of illegal immigrants so that they can embrace, you guessed it, “the American Dream.”

That’s a pretty laughable proposition considering the state of the American Dream at the moment. Thanks to Bush’s push to globalize (let’s not forget Clinton and the disastrous NAFTA, though), the economy is in the crapper and jobs are flying off to India and China at a rapid pace. The workforce here is constantly scrambling for jobs they are overqualified for just to make ends meet and pay off massive credit card debt.

The Mexico mentality has come home to roost.

Most money earned by illegals in the United States is sent back to Mexico; it’s the number two source of revenue for the nation after oil. And as much as Bush would like us to believe that the influx of 8-12 million Mexicans into this country is bringing a renaissance of “energetic, ambitious, optimistic people,” we’re dealing with the lowest rungs of the Mexican social ladder.

People who fully take advantage of the social welfare system, a system now bafflingly set up to give more benefits to illegal immigrants than to American citizens.

Bush’s legislation would also allow people using fraudulent Social Security numbers for employment to collect the money taken from their paychecks. Apparently, people are complaining that their ill-gotten gains are being taxed and want the money, even though the entire process was deceptive from the start.

Are we living in the Twilight Zone?

I have no problem with people immigrating to the United States legally. There is a process in place for a reason, and every year 140,000 people benefit. By subverting it, the country is weakened.

I am opposed to the notion that someone can spend years of their life as a thief and be rewarded for it. The government shouldn’t favor criminals over those who, even in these troubled times, follow the law and obey good judgment. Likewise, legitimizing the actions of millions of criminals will only encourage more illegal immigration.

President Bush thinks it’ll help make our borders more secure and lower law enforcement burdens. And as usual, President Bush is full of shit. This is strictly an election year ploy to get fiercely political Latino expatriates to think he is on their side, that his “compassionate” agenda isn’t a self-serving excuse to try and drum up minority votes. And, hey, Jeb Bush is married to a woman named Columba! How much more compassion do you need?

The American government has made it a crusade to drive the American Dream into the dust. While schools decay, cities and states run out of money, and people lose jobs, government is farming technology, jobs, and money overseas. The enormous amounts of money we give other countries yearly could build a ton of new schools, fix ones in need of repair, or buy the education supplies our children need so their upbringing isn’t relegated entirely to AOL Instant Messenger. It could pay the entire deficits for numerous states. But it’s washed away — and it’s money taken from our taxes.

Likewise, the millions of dollars we pay illegals yearly don’t cross the border twice. It’s not pumped back into the U.S. economy. Every dollar that goes abroad weakens the economy as a whole.

America needs to care for Americans, not the rest of the world. Instead of announcing the election-friendly ploy of financing a settlement on the moon, we need to work to restore the ailing infrastructure that has collapsed power grids around the country. Goodwill begins at home.

Let’s stop treating our own nation like a third-world country. Place serious penalties on corporations that subvert the workforce by shipping their jobs elsewhere, and take a look at the free trade agreements that favor greedy multinationals but not their employees.

I am disgusted at Bush’s notion that this country “needs” the millions of people out there who rake lawns, wash cars, and do other hard work because it’s supposedly beneath the average American. This notion that manual labor is contemptible, that Americans are too enlightened to do it smacks of sheer stupidity, but since blue collar has come to be equated with undesirable, it’s time to reverse that idea as well.

I commend those who bust their asses for a living. People who craft goods with their hands, repair broken machinery, or collect the refuse we pump out daily earn their money — and my respect. They are actually doing things, things that are often messy and dangerous. To say that Americans don’t want to construct a building because it’s laborious is an insult to every person who puts real effort into making the things that we all need.

No wonder most Americans are fat, lazy, and soft. The “work ethic” being lauded by society involves seeing how long we can sit on our ass and pump out paperwork while sneering at the guy painting the sign across the street.

There is dignity in blue-collar jobs. They don’t need to be given to thieves and liars when legitimate Americans, who aspire to be something more than mindless desk jockeys, work those positions every day with pride.

Don’t let 12 million legal citizens lose out on their own right to the American Dream. And don’t let a lying, shifty president create 12 million new votes for his campaign. The last thing we need is a lobbying force for people that, by their definition, have no rights in our country.