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Live Free or Die

Early rising, fishing, nausea all part of vacation

Posted on March 17, 1998

Nothing like projectile vomiting to get your day started!

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Taking time out from the city that never sleeps

Posted on March 3, 1998

My favorite column written for the Daily Trojan.

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Relationships, even with impossible people, can survive

Posted on February 24, 1998

Going on twelve years now!

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El Nino brings out the worst Los Angeles drivers

Posted on February 10, 1998

A good one. People in California cannot drive when it rains.

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Gran’ma’s death brings several issues to light

Posted on January 27, 1998

I wish I’d known my grandmother more. I also wish the paper hadn’t recycled a piece I submitted in August 1997 to fill space.

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Writing makes you rich in soul, not in pocket

Posted on January 13, 1998

A writer talking about writing. It’s like a painter watching paint dry, except less exciting.

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