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Live Free or Die

Going home up north just isn’t the same anymore

Posted on November 18, 1996

Didn’t I just talk about buying the house six columns ago? Yes I did. Lame.

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Rock on, man – never neglect music of the ’80s

Posted on November 1, 1996

Written in 10 minutes when the other columnist bailed on his deadline. And it shows.

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Hindsight is 20/20 when looking toward the past

Posted on October 28, 1996

I dumped this girl with a dot matrix printout. Classy.

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Jilted, lethargic video-game testers, unite!

Posted on October 21, 1996

I would rather slit my throat than beta test another game.

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Weirdo parents? Nah, just your typical family

Posted on October 14, 1996

I love my family, but nothing’s changed in ten years.

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The tale of a blue bug and some Def Leppard tapes

Posted on October 7, 1996

500 words about the pride of German manufacturing.

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