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Live Free or Die

The world really doesn’t care if you’re gay or not

Posted on April 7, 1998

Provoked a lot of controversy from USC’s gay community. I still think people shouldn’t let their sexuality consume their identity.

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From marriage to 1950s restaurants, what’s up?

Posted on March 31, 1998


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Traditions at USC losing their meaning, practice

Posted on March 24, 1998

I’m gonna go spit on Tommy Trojan, OK? Maybe throw a little paint on the old boy, too. And why shouldn’t I? None of USC’s traditions seem to matter anymore.First, we couldn’t hang the Bruin by the neck because it evoked a lynch-mob mentality for some of the student body. People were stringing up nooses in every tree in front of Doheny, for crying out loud. Then we couldn’t burn the Bruin either. While UCLA mocks and makes fun of us during Troy Week a mere 15 miles away, we sit and twiddle our thumbs because the Burning of the Bruin just isn’t politically correct. Forget that staking a stuffed bear and burning it is about rallying behind your school. Forget that it isn’t racially motivated in any way and that it’s been part of the USC tradition for...

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Early rising, fishing, nausea all part of vacation

Posted on March 17, 1998

Nothing like projectile vomiting to get your day started!

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Taking time out from the city that never sleeps

Posted on March 3, 1998

My favorite column written for the Daily Trojan.

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Relationships, even with impossible people, can survive

Posted on February 24, 1998

Going on twelve years now!

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