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Live Free or Die

The world really doesn’t care if you’re gay or not

Every day I wake up and look at the clock on the table next to my bed. It’s usually a commercial on 97.1, since there’s 20 minutes of advertisements for every 16 seconds of Howard Stern.

When I wake up, I’m amazed at how little I let my sexuality define my life. I mean, every day I could care less whether I am gay or straight.

I don’t go to meetings that talk about the importance of shouting out my heterosexuality, and I don’t read books on the subject. Likewise, I don’t go searching for my own kind, since in a world with 5 billion people, there’s bound to be a couple of straight folks around me. How else can there be population growth?

I’m not on a crusade to convert people or push my ideologies on others. I don’t hang a huge flag from my apartment signifying how heterosexual I am. I also couldn’t care less what anybody’s particular sexuality is. If you’re gay, cool. If you’re straight, cool. But since when does that choice define your entire life?

And if it does, I’m sorry. Because being gay simply isn’t the be-all-end-all of human existence. Neither is being straight. Do you want people to forget that you’re a talented writer, a successful painter or an accomplished pianist because all you talk about is gay rights and gay society? When you get wrapped up fervently in something you believe, whatever it is, you alienate your friends who just aren’t as giddy with the concept.

We all get up in the morning, and we all have things in our life that are important, but everything has a priority. I question those whose priority in life is to spread the word that they go against a societal norm that has no meaning other than to cause prejudice.

Cool people are cool regardless of their sexual orientation. Those of a different sexual orientation don’t need to shove it in my face every time they see me. We’re all people. That’s more important to me than what your sexual preference is.