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Live Free or Die

Hindsight is 20/20 when looking toward the past

Someone once asked me where my favorite place on Earth was.

“That’s simple,” I said. My favorite place is the past.

I’ve gone through life always wondering what could have happened. My fascination with science fiction only made my imagination go haywire.

There have been several major points at which my life would have taken a different turn had I acted differently.

One in particular seems trivial to me now, but as an eighth grader, this meant more to me than any algebra test.

Ah, eighth grade. Hair was big, the New Kids and Paula Abdul hit the top of the charts and pump sneakers were bigger than… well, hair.

The “A” crowd consisted of people who were, for no reason, cool. The “B” crowd hung out with members of crowd “A,” but only for group projects. Group “C” was the cadre of people who figured out how to program lewd messages into their calculators. I fell in the “B” crowd.

A girl who I liked and who returned my affection (by throwing Aspirin at me on the bus) asked me to the Sadie Hawkins dance. I, who had never been on a date, was excited about the prospect. Then I made the mistake of mulling it over with the guys.

“How could you go with her?” they asked. “Dude, don’t go with her.”

“Why?” I’d retort. Their reply should have been something to the effect of “Well, no one asked us, so why should you have fun?,” but they simply gave the patented Guy Shrug. That was that. I didn’t go with her. Little did I know that my next dating opportunity wouldn’t come for another four years.

I will always wonder what could have happened. I think about that a lot. There are friendships that have dissolved because of some stupid thing I did–something I would undo in a flash to correct the wrong I made. I like the past because you already know what’s going to happen.

Hindsight is 20/20.

For the most part, I find comfort and solace in the past. I like to remember good things that have happened to me and try to replay them in my mind. But sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. I’d really like to go to the past and check myself out as a kid. I’d certainly have smacked myself around and given myself some fashion sense. (Having seen pictures of myself in middle school, I can say I had no sense of anything, let alone fashion).

Most importantly, though, I’d want to go back to the beginning of my college experience. I know I’ve only been in college for less than three semesters, but it’s already dawning on me that once my four years are up, that’s it. Real life. Plus, I’ve forged a lot of friendships I don’t want to lose.

I know everything associated with time travel is inherently paradoxical, but so what? It’s good to dream. Maybe someday, I’ll get to go to my favorite place.