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Live Free or Die

Somebody Silence Deep Throat

Posted on June 8, 2005

The biggest piece of the Watergate puzzle is at last revealed — and it couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time.

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Extreme Makeover: Military Edition

Posted on May 24, 2005

Where do you go when you’re a bloated government agency in need of a public relations coup? ABC, apparently.

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Lock Up the Fourth Estate

Posted on May 17, 2005

If journalists want to keep lying and containing stories, they should be punished. Simple as that.

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This Little Piggy

Posted on April 26, 2005

Anna Ayala allegedly attempted to defraud the Wendy’s fast food chain with a rogue human finger. Here’s hoping the claim is real.

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On Decency & Common Sense

Posted on April 12, 2005

The First Amendment is under attack again. What is it about free expression that raises the hackles of politicians?

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Gannongate: Journalism’s Latest Disgrace

Posted on March 1, 2005

As “Jeff Gannon stands exposed as both a male prostitute and a media plant for the White House, what is the press focusing on? Dubya’s admission of smoking weed.

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